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Closing thoughts

We hope you have enjoyed the course and found it useful.

At the beginning of the course, we looked at behaviour within organisations, the disciplines that contribute to our understanding of OB and its influences. We also examined the approaches to management and organisation. The focus was placed on the key roles of managers and we discussed skills needed by managers of the future.

In the second week, we started by exploring what we mean by organisational misbehaviour, why employees misbehave and the manifestations of misbehaviour in the workplace. We also looked at the impact of organisation misbehaviour and the role of managers and organisations in addressing misbehaviour.

If you are a Coventry University student joining us for the remainder of the program Organisational Behaviour and Learning, our next two-week course is Resourcing the Organisation. In this course, we will explore employee resourcing and the recruitment and selection process. We will also look at talent management practices and organisational and employee branding. In preparation, you may find it useful to begin thinking about examples of employee resourcing strategies and share these examples with your peers.

Your reading list

Throughout this course, we presented some articles, further reading and references. We have created a reading list containing these useful resources if you wish to explore them further. This is available in the downloads section at the end of this step.

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An Introduction to Organisational Behaviour: How to Understand Your People

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