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7Rs of logistics

In today’s world, the 7Rs of logistics is key.

The 7Rs relate to the following:

  • The right product/service
  • In the right place
  • In the right quantity and right quality
  • In the right way (mode)
  • At the right time
  • For the right customer
  • At the right cost

What does this mean in practice? Let’s illustrate this with an example where the logistics Rs have not been fulfilled.

Imagine that you have requested three green mobile phone cases from Amazon or eBay, because the stated delivery time was one day before a special event in a city located miles away from your home address. The total price was £30.

On the day of the event, you receive an email from the vendor stating that your requested item has been delivered to your usual address – and that you need to pay an extra charge of £5. You call your home and realise that two green cases with broken packages have been delivered. In this case, all 7Rs of logistics have not been met.

Your task

Based on your experience from one of your online purchases, which of the Rs have not been fulfilled? Why do you think that this has not been achieved? Share your examples in the comments area.

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