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Case Study- Keemi

Case Study - Keemi

Keemi is ready to start her digital marketing plan. She has thought carefully about her vision and mission of the new business.

She decided that her vision will be to ‘engage individuals in personalised and rewarding interactions by listening and responding to their stated aspirations through the use of digital media’. Keemi is confident that if she listens carefully, she will build a strong loyal following of like-minded individuals who will purchase and become advocates of her products.

She has put aside a small amount of money to raise visibility among her potential customers but she doesn’t want to spend anything until she is confident about what to do. She thinks the right place to start is with some of your suggestions to use search engine; and social media marketing. But before she can do anything, Keemi knows the value of doing some research into her competitors and potential customers. Problem is, she is not sure where to start!


Keemi is ready to start looking more closely at her competitors and what they are doing online in social media and in search engine marketing. Problem is, she doesn’t know what she should do now to start looking.

Think about how you would advise Keemi to commence her competitive review. What tools do you recommend she might use? How do you recommend she find out about what her target audience is doing online?

Post your recommendations for Keemi in the Discussion area.

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