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Boosting your business idea

Boosting your business idea

How to find inspiration to boost your business idea.

Every now and then you need to find inspiration to boost your business idea, understand how to differentiate your business from competitors, or add a little something extra to your concept.

If you’re stuck you could try these tips:

  • Disconnect - from technology, take time out to just think and find some space for new thoughts.
  • Move - walk, run, ride, you may just find that movement helps ideas to flow.
  • Play - try a new game or activity to help you see things from a new perspective.
  • Listen to music, podcasts, or even a just have a conversation to hear how others view and make connections in their environment.
  • Explore - take a different train line, try a different shopping centre, browse bookshops or libraries, travel to new places. New experiences stimulate new ideas.
  • Watch your competitors, observe how consumers buy and use those products or services related to your business idea.

While inspiration can appear to come from nowhere, it does in fact come from a range of previous observations, learning or experiences that suddenly come together.

Case Study

Jordan has found that she has many of the skills and traits to help her succeed in business and has applied her researching skills to find out what other online destination wedding services are in business. Jordan can see that there’s quite a bit of competition out there! She realises that she will need to do something to make her business stand out from others, but she’s not sure exactly what she should do or where she can draw some inspiration.


What creative ideas would you give Jordan to help her find inspiration and direction? Post your ideas into the Comments area.

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