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Skip to 0 minutes and 12 seconds My name’s Aida Guirguis. My company is Scarab Rouge, and we specialize in bespoke, high-end luxury jewelry. And also, our new range of Diffusion Luxury Leather Goods is our online part of the business.

Skip to 0 minutes and 30 seconds The philosophy behind developing the range in the first place is that I was looking for a complementary range for the bespoke jewelry, and I was introduced to leather. We focused on delivering a luxury leather product at the highest end of the market that we feel is reachable. The ethical sourcing is important to me, so it’s right from raw material through every step of production. It was really important for my business to have handcrafting where it’s handled with a lot of care and attention to detail. Also in a previous corporate life, I saw a lot of industry go offshore. So for me, it’s really critical to base my business, my company, in Australia. And everything that I manufacture is made here.

Skip to 1 minute and 22 seconds I’m very proud of that. The Diffusion range lends itself beautifully to online business. It’s very different to the bespoke jewelry side, which takes a long lead time. And this way, even though they’re still hand-crafted, beautiful products, it’s priced so that it’s perfect for buying for yourself or as a gift and would expose the Scarab Rouge brand to a wider market.

Skip to 1 minute and 49 seconds So I think I’ve been successful because I’ve been able to meld my personal values with my business life. I’m not running a business just to make money. I’m running a business that adds something, that adds a dimension– a real value– to my own life as well as contributing to the lives of others.

Skip to 2 minutes and 22 seconds My name’s Nicole Brownlee. My business name is Story Box Library, and Story Box Library is an online storytelling resource for children. And it’s Australian books that are being read by a range of different storytellers, including celebrities. Hi, guys. My name’s Anne Edmonds, and I’m a comedian. And I’m here to read a book to you today. So I got the idea for Story Box Library one day when I went into my daughter’s classroom and they were using an interactive whiteboard to watch stories. I thought that there was a really great opportunity to have Australian stories shown, not just in the classroom but– of course– in family homes. So the idea for Story Box Library was born.

Skip to 3 minutes and 0 seconds (SINGING) A little bit cheeky– oooo– a little bit charming– oooo– and a whole lot of fun. The Story Box Library– So if you’re interested in having a look at Story Box Library, you go online, and you visit our website. And you can watch a preview story. Today I’m going to read to you my picture book, Mr. Huff. And then from there, they can click on the pricing page. Once they’ve subscribed, they put in their membership number, and the content is all streamed. So they don’t have to download anything. They just have that instant access.

Skip to 3 minutes and 34 seconds Hi, I’m Elly-May Barnes. And today– So Story Box Library started about four years ago. And we’ve now grown the business to include subscriptions for schools, public libraries, places like the Royal Children’s Hospital– and then we also have families. So the secret to success, I think, is perseverance for one. And then the second thing– which is really, really important, especially for an entrepreneur these days– is collaboration. I’ve surrounded myself with an amazing team that can support me and help us create such an incredible product.

Meet the entrepreneurs

Aida Guirguis
Designer & Creative Director of Scarab Rouge

Scarab Rouge was founded in 2001 by Designer and Creative Director Aida Guirguis, and has built a reputation for creating and remodelling fine, handcrafted unique jewellery. Based in Sydney, Scarab Rouge work with clients from all over the world.

By combining beauty, integrity and sustainability, we create pieces that will be treasured for life. Diffusion by Scarab Rouge is our first range of Luxury Leather Goods, designed and handmade in Sydney and crafted to last. Everyday practicality, exquisite craftsmanship.

Diffusion Leather has been hand-selected and meets with our strict code of sustainable and ethical sourcing. The Diffusion range is handcrafted from veg tanned Australian Kangaroo leather, in Black, White, Rose and Italian veg tanned leather in Pale Natural and Deep Natural. Our Signature Textured Gold leather is crafted in Italy specially for Scarab Rouge.

Nicole Brownlee
Founder & Director of Story Box Library

As a child, Nicole remembers the regular thrill of stories, read to her by her beloved step-father. Her passion for books grew even stronger throughout her school years. Eventually, she studied to become a teacher, with a major in Literature – hardly surprising for someone with such a passion for words.

The natural progression was to undertake a Graduate Diploma in Children’s Literature at Deakin University. To pay her way through uni, Nicole found herself working in various bookshops and eventually became an experienced Children’s Bookseller. Landing a job at Allen & Unwin Publishers in her early twenties was a pivotal moment and Nicole revelled in the chance to experience the world of publishing first-hand. After meeting a Scotsman who lured her overseas, she continued bookselling in order to travel around Europe.

When Nicole returned to Australia, (complete with Scottish husband-to-be), she walked away from the pressure of publishing to throw herself into the equally intense world of teaching. The role of teacher-librarian was a perfect combination of her talents and it was a role she continued until motherhood.

As a mother-of-two and founder of Story Box Library, sharing the imaginative power of stories is something that will always be close to her heart.

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