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Image of the profiling process
The Profiling Process

How to profile your market

First, let's look at the process of profiling.

Think of profiling in really simple terms. Profiling is like a funnel where you start with broad characteristics of your potential customer, you then filter and refine this information with the specific characteristics you think the individual could be interested in your products or services.

Take a look at the following diagram. At the broadest level are the demographics, at the next level down the psychographics, and finally the behavioural characteristics of potential customers or consumers which together form the target market.

Profiling Funnel

This week, we will explore in further depth, the demographic, psychographic and behavioural elements of this process. When combined, these elements will help you to determine the target market for your business’s products and/or services.


Looking at the illustration above, we can see that it starts with the broader population at the top of the diagram. Why do you think it starts with that, and then we apply demographics and not psychographics next?

Reflect on the reasons and keep this front of mind as you work through the next few sections of the course.

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