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What have you learnt this week?

Check what you have learnt this week

As you have worked through the topics this week you have had the opportunity to learn about:

  • What a persona is and how it helps you discover who your customer and consumer is, what their personality is, how they are likely to behave
  • The different types of personas you can use - proto-personas, marketing personas, and design personas - their pros and cons, and when and why you might choose to use these different types of personas
  • How to build your own persona and use it focus the marketing messages for your business.

This information helps you form a detailed ‘visualisation’ of your typical customer or consumer, and this will help you more effectively market your business’s products or services to your customers and consumers.

You have also helped Lee and her online homewares business hone in on who the type of person is that best represents her customer and consumer. With your help, she has worked out the best type of persona given her circumstances and needs, and you’ve seen persona building in action as Lee has built her own proto-persona to help her truly understand her customer and consumer and build the marketing messages for her business.

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