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Types of customer journeys

Types of customer journeys

If you were to search the internet, you will see many different types of customer journeys. That is because you can use a customer journey for not just understanding how to convert customers to sales, but also for use in the marketing planning of when and where to expose your customer to your marketing messages.

We will walk you through a few of the various types of customer journeys that can be developed:

  • Day in the life: a look at what they do in their day and how your product or service forms part of their day
  • Current and future state: how the customer interacts with you now, and how you want to have them interact with you in the future.
  • Service blueprints: an operational view that maps your customer interactions with your services from a physical perspective.

We will also provide you with an example of how you can develop your own customer journey using any of these above types.

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