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Photo of young girl holding a blue balloon

From photos to poetry

Now that you have thought more about your photographs, you’re going to sequence them to help create a narrative for a poem.

This writing will help you form the basis of a voiceover recording for a short film.

• Order your photographs in a way that creates an interesting narrative (it doesn’t have to be chronological).

• Using that sequence, list interesting details from each photo. This could be a visual detail or a sound you could imagine hearing. You can use the final box on the About my Photos resource to help you. See the completed example below.

• Using this information as inspiration, write a short poem called This person is.

Image of About my Photos resource - sequencing my photos table close up

Even if you are writing about yourself, have a go at writing in a ‘This person is’ style.

If you’d like to, share your poems in the Comments section for others to read.

An example poem is given below the photographs which have been used as inspiration.

1) A photo of a young girl holding a blue balloon

2) A photo of a girl in a red dress in front of a giraffe at the zoo

3) A headshot photo of a girl

4) A photo of a girl in a colourful dress

5) A photo of a girl smiling in a red coat

Photos courtesy of Paul Stapley

This person is…

With the deep sound of an uncle’s voice, this person is shy and eager to please,
From one birthday to the next, this person is animal-loving and kind,
Amongst the chatter of children in the hall this person sits still but is free spirited,
Even in the sunshine and the mountain air, this person is reluctant,
At her youngest and with the creak of snow underfoot, this person is lonely.

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