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Wrapping up

Revenue management is here to stay in many sectors of the leisure, transport or retail industry and has already appeared in many other sectors such as the e-economy or the sharing economy.

This final week, we discussed of the present features and future extensions of revenue management.
Will it be a generalised practice? How to implement it? And who is going to benefit from it? These are some of the questions that have been raised with our experts.

This week, you also had the opportunity to practice a real-life like exercise and manage the pricing strategy of an airline. This simulation was more advanced than pure revenue management since you had some medium terms decisions to take, such as choosing your capacity and the frequency of your flights.
Thus, you had a glimpse or the life of a revenue manager facing a competitor, inferring demand in real time and having to adjust prices over time according to the chosen capacity of both airlines on the market. That exercise was certainly challenging, but you made it!

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