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Welcome back

Welcome to the second part of this open short course. In Week 1 you identified the key contemporary issues facing construction, project and cost management, and how research aims to address these issues. Last week you had a look at what is involved in planning a research project, but where do you start to design your research?

This week you will:

  • Learn about the research philosophies that underpin the research process
  • Examine competing paradigms in construction management, including theoretical, ontological and epistemological assumptions in research and research strategies
  • Look at the different research methodologies and methods, including data-collecting instruments and analysis
  • Use what you have learned to produce a draft research proposal for peer review.

Your task

So, think again about the question you were introduced to last week: What does research philosophy have to offer us as project management professionals and academics?

As you continue your learning journey this week, make some notes in your learning log to record your thoughts on this question. We will revisit it when we review the course at the end of this week.

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