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This is a practical activity looking at student scenarios and using the UCAS search tool to find the answers. We will start by looking at one with you.

Scenario A. Hitting the right note

Student A has a strong interest in both computing and music, therefore an undergraduate degree in music technology could be a suitable higher education choice.

However, his music teacher believes that his ability, as a violinist, would make him a strong contender for a place at a specialist music conservatoire.

For family reasons, the student has expressed a wish to study in Wales for higher education.

Task: We are going to use the UCAS website to identify two things:

  • whether Wales has a music conservatoire

  • how many Welsh providers are offering honours degree courses in music technology.

We need to start by looking at the UCAS course search.

Tip: You may like to open the course search tool in a new browser window.

  1. In the search tool, we need to select ‘Conservatoires’ in the middle Search filter at the top, then enter ‘music’ as our search keyword and hit enter or click on the search icon to the right hand side of the search bar.

  2. On this page, there appears a red box showing that there are undergraduate courses, and a purple box showing postgraduate courses. We need to click on ‘view undergraduate courses’ box. If we scroll down the page to the ‘Which location would you like to study in?’ filter on the left hand side, we can click to see courses in ‘Wales’.

This filters the results to show us courses at: ‘Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama’. So, Wales does have a music conservatoire.

We now want to find out how many Welsh colleges and universities offer music technology honours degree courses. To do this we need need to:

  1. Clear the filters at the top of the page. Now, instead of ‘Conservatoires’, select ‘Undergraduate’, and type ‘music technology’ in the keyword box and click search.

  2. We now need to scroll down the results page and select ‘Wales’ as the location we want to study in.

  3. If you click on the ‘Map view’ at the top of the page, it is easy to see that there are six providers offering 13 Music Technology courses. If you click on the ‘list view’, and sort the ‘list’ of results by ‘University or college (A to Z)’, you can see that there are 3 providers offering honours degree courses in music technology.

In the next step you can use two other student scenarios to see if you can find answers to the tasks we have set.

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