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Skip to 0 minutes and 1 second Welcome to the second week of our Smart Choices learning programme. This week we’ll explore some practical advice and tips to help you get to grips with your research and decision making. We’ll be hearing from experts – careers advisers and university admissions teams, as well as students who’ve been through the decision making and application process and started university themselves. We’ll also be looking at how careers are changing and what you can do to adapt. You’ll have the chance to interact with fellow students from the around the world to share your ideas and learn from each other. We hope you’ll find this week really helpful, and don’t forget to take advantage of the opportunity to interact.

Introduction to week 2

There’s a lot to choose from and there may be different pathways to reach your goals, so you may need some advice and support to help you navigate your way through the decision-making process.

This week, you will hear from experienced careers advisers and university and college admissions teams about how you can make informed decisions about your study and career plans. You will also get some tips from students who have been through this themselves.

Your education and training choices need to be informed by the employment and career pathways they can lead to, so this week, you will also be able find out more about the changing careers landscape and how you can engage with your career planning.

If full-time higher education is your goal, we will provide a handy overview of the UCAS application process.

Finally, you will be able to test your understanding and learning, reflect on any areas you may need to explore further, and share conclusions on ‘how you can best explore higher education as an option’.

We also provide a range of resources you can download and use to help you do your research, reflect on your interests, skills, abilities, and aspirations, to help you make the right choice for you.

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Smart Choices: Broadening Your Horizons