Dancing Gold: An approximate measure of Social Impact (Part I)

Dancing Gold

A group of three friends want to create an organisation called Dancing Gold. Dancing Gold is a social business with the social mission to provide Biodanza sessions to people over 65 years old with the objective of improving their health through physical activity and reducing loneliness. The activity will be free for people with financial difficulties and the rest of the users will pay a monthly fee.

In order to create the system, they know they have to take into account two factors: (I) Areas to be measured and (II) Depth of analysis.

They represent these two factors in the table below:

Area Social Economic Environmental
Depth of analysis      
Social accomplishment      
Demonstrate social impact      
Monetizing the impact      

1. The first step will be to choose which areas of impact should be measured (environmental, social or economic).

They decide that the most important area to evaluate is SOCIAL, since they want to impact on the well-being of this part of the population. Also, they think that Dancing Gold can have some ECONOMIC implications. If the users feel better, they may need fewer medications or go less often to the doctor.

2. The second step is to decide the depth of the analysis and the indicators they will use.

Social accomplishment:

  • Number of registered users (every month).
  • Percentage of actual users.
  • Attendance of the Biodanza sessions (number of persons in each session).

Demonstrate social impact:

Questionnaire for users:

  • When registering:
  • After 3 months (providing regular attendance of sessions).
  • After 6 months (providing regular attendance of sessions).
  • After 12 months (providing regular attendance of sessions).


  Not lonely 1 2 3 4 Very lonely 5
Value your perceived level of loneliness          
  Very healthy 1 2 3 4 Very unhealthy 5
Value your level of health          
  • How many times do you go to the doctor in one month?
  • 0 to 1
  • 2 to 3
  • 4 to 6
  • How much do you spend in medication every month?
  • Which other benefits have you perceived in your life due to attending Dancing Gold?

Monetizing the impact:

  • Decrease in the number of visits to the doctor. Assuming that a visit to the doctor has a cost of 100 monetary units.
  • Decrease in the cost of medication every month.

Returning to the initial table:

Area Social Economic  
Depth of analysis      
Social accomplishment - Number of registered users (every month) .
- Attendance of the Biodanza sessions (number of persons in each session)
- Percentage of actual users  
Demonstrate social impact - Perceived changes in the level of loneliness
- Perceived changes in the level of health
- Other related changes
- Changes in the number of times that the doctor is visited  
Monetizing the impact   - Cost reductions due to decreased visits to the doctor
- Cost reduction due to less medication

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