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About the course and who’s who

We introduce you to the course and Educators Lisa Harris & Mike Molesworth plus the Mentoring Team and all of the content producers.
Photo of the team
© University of Southampton 2016
Lisa Harris and Mike Molesworth are the lead educators and they are joined by contributors from business and by other university colleagues.
More information about the contributors and the online mentoring team who will be supporting you over the next 3 weeks, is available further down the page after the next section.

About the course

Week 1 – we introduce you to the course, the tutors and how it all works. We examine how businesses can benefit from digital storytelling, the evolving changes in how we behave online, and reflect on the challenges and opportunities that social media offer to marketers.
Week 2 – we discuss developments in the technologies we use, our ownership of digital assets, and the various ‘customer journeys’ we make when purchasing goods and services. How can marketers draw upon these developments to start thinking beyond the standard ‘online’ versus ‘offline’ distinctions?
Week 3 – we examine the opportunities and challenges for marketers in getting value from the vast amount of customer data now generated, at a time when much uncertainty exists about personal privacy and control of online data. We also introduce our research in progress that is examining the potential of web observatories and gamification to help marketers address such concerns.

How to get the most out of our course

We will be encouraging you to learn by …

What will the learning experience be like and what can I expect?

This online course consists of a variety of videos, articles, discussions and activities. We encourage you to reflect upon your experience of digital marketing, the ideas you encounter and to share your own thoughts, stories and reflections with others on the course.
You will be asked to create and share digital assets through interactive exercises and to post a short piece at the end of the course reflecting on what you have learned and how you will make use of the skills you have acquired. If you choose not to share your experiences, that is fine too.
You will benefit the most if you share your thoughts, ideas and stories as you go through the course. So, don’t be shy. Share your stories using a range of media, putting your interaction and relationship-building skills into practice.

Who’s who

Your online mentoring team

During the course Amanda Herron, Hannah Watts, Ashley Stout and Manuel Leon will be supporting Lisa and Mike.

Other contributors from the University of Southampton

Gareth Beeston, Reuben Binns, Ian Brown, Tom Chapman (now University of Portsmouth), Victor Naroditskiy, Madeline Paterson, Chris Phethean, Sebastian Stein, Vanissa Wanick, Rebecca Watkins (now Cardiff University) and Julia Wolny.

Business Contributors

  • Jeni Bremner, Policy, Strategy and Change Management Consultant for organisations such as the European Health Futures Forum, Centre for Evidence Based Management, and the Philips Kay Partnership
  • Steve Killick, Psychologist & storyteller
  • Simon Perry, Publisher, OnTheWight
  • Alan Rae Chairman of Fletching Glasshouses
  • Howard Scott Digital Brand Strategist and COO, Mobileize

You can follow them by clicking the links to their FutureLearn profile pages and selecting ‘follow’. That way, you’ll be able to see all the comments that they make. Short biographies are available from a link at the bottom of this page.
© University of Southampton 2016
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Digital Marketing: Challenges and Insights

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