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Multiple types of land use

Read about different types of land use. How different government authorities have regulations that impact its use and land value.
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The type of land use will impact what regulations you are governed by and what you can/cannot do.
Most countries have regulations about how land in different areas may be used. In Australia, land use and development is governed by zoning decisions, made by local government council authorities. These zoning uses control what types of “activities” can to be conducted in various areas in that local government area and depends on the types of land use that is occurring.
  • residential – for housing
  • recreational such as parks and playgrounds
  • transport for roads, railways and airports and other types of space for transportation
  • agricultural such as for farmlands and crops
  • retail
  • office
  • industrial
  • even combinations called “Mixed use”.
The local government will determine that some of the land needs to be for retail use in a particular area, some for industrial use, some for recreational use, some for agricultural use, some for residential use and some for high density residential use. The zoning controls play an important part in determining the value of the property because demand and supply is affected.
You may be interested in developing or investing in only one type of land use, such as for residential use. The first task, when looking to purchase any form of real estate, is to check the zoning characteristics, to determine if it is fit for your purpose.
How do you check the type of zone a property is in?
For the purposes of this step, find a single block of residential land (without a residence on it) that is for sale in the State of Victoria, Australia. You can use a website like, filter to the State of Victoria and then search for a vacant block of residential land.
Determine the zoning by searching the Victorian Government’s Planning Maps Online website. By agreeing to proceed into the site, you will be able to search for zoning classifications.

Your task

Share a website that provides planning maps for your area with your peers. If you can’t source one, review the Planning Maps Online website and investigate farming (agriculture) zonings, recreational zonings, retail (or other commercial) zonings on the site.
How you believe the zoning may influence the land price? Explain in the comments section.
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What Influences Property Values?

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