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Origins of the sharing economy

In this section we will be looking at the concept of sharing, and exploring how this sharing economy trend all started.
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Where did the sharing economy trend come from, and how did it become a global marketing trend? Why do we even call it the sharing economy? These are important questions that will enable us to understand the market and non-market factors the led to this marketing trend.
First we begin with an understanding of what the concept of sharing is, and if what happens in the sharing economy is sharing as we usually understand it. Our conclusion is that it is not. In summary, this week you will learn that exchange in the sharing economy is not really about sharing, and we will show that this is so because of the factors that led to the global spread of the sharing economy. We will also consider some of the challenges facing this global marketing trend.
The sharing economy is designed for consumers to temporarily access goods and services without purchasing to own them. How did we move from a desire for ownership to access? This week we will address the factors that have led to the rise and growth of the sharing economy. We will also cover some of its problems/challenges and discuss possible solutions.
Think about how and when the Sharing Economy started and list five items (concepts, companies, people, or trends) that come into your mind.
Share your list in the Comments area. Don’t forget to explain what their relationship is to the origins of the Sharing Economy.

© RMIT University 2017
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