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Exercise intrinsic motivation

CQ drive includes your intrinsic interest. This is the extent to which you demonstrate an interest in cross-cultural experiences. If you have high intrinsic interest then you are energized to explore differences. This step is your chance to develop intrinsic interest.

An intrinsic interest I have is to someday run a long distance trail race in western Norway. As a result, I am spending time on the internet researching the geography, customs, festivals, and opportunities around Stavanger, Norway. At some point in the future, I expect to begin learning a few dozen keywords in Norwegian.

Write down three ways you might connect an existing interest with an increased exposure to diversity. Now rank order these one to three with one being the interest you wish to do first. Next, plan a schedule to implement developing this interest across cultures.

In the comments section, please share one way to connect your existing interests with diversity. Please comment on the ideas of others then mark this step complete.

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