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Production misbehaviour

The third manifestation of misbehaviour at work is production misbehaviour.

Production misbehaviour is linked to the violation of the quality and quantity of work to be accomplished, for example sloppy and slow workmanship, tardiness, disengagement, absenteeism and rule-breaking.

A good example is withdrawal behaviour, or disengagement, which could be seen as the physical or psychological absence or withdrawal from work. It manifests in ways such as dysfunctional lateness, absence and turnover.

Your task

Do you have any experiences of production misbehaviour in action? If yes, how did it manifest at work and how was it managed within your organisation?

You may like to think back on the approaches to organisations and management with a special focus on the approaches we introduced in Week 1 (classical, human relations, systems thinking and contingency approaches) to support your viewpoint.

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