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Skip to 0 minutes and 6 seconds BRUCE BILLSON: It’s been a busy first week of our SME New Markets course, brought to you by FutureLearn and Deakin University. We’ve looked at how technology is changing the marketplace and opening up new market opportunities, both with consumers and in servicing and supplying other businesses. And we’ve looked how trade is also changing the commerce landscape and providing new market opportunities for SMEs. It’s been a busy first week.

Skip to 0 minutes and 33 seconds I look forward to you joining me in the second week, where together, we’ll learn how to activate these new market opportunities to make them your own, how we can actually look at supply-chain participation, how the service economy is also opening up opportunities for SMEs, and then understanding the mysteries and the delights and the very exciting new market opportunity in China. I hope you join me next week. And together we’ll learn more about how your SME can activate those new markets and contribute to your business success.

Week 1 wrap-up

Technology plays a role in SMEs accessing new markets and provides opportunities for growth.

To summarise the key messages from this week we’ve explored:

  • the potential for SME growth through targeted access to the right kind of new market for your business

  • trends in international trade and what that means for SME growth and success

  • the role of e-commerce in supporting SME expansion into new markets

  • niche and bespoke markets and how specialist expertise can be a driver for new market opportunities.

Your task

Share your key take-away messages from this week.

What practical actions will you implement based on this learning?

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