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Are you ready for healthcare 2.0?

Join our top five healthcare courses for professionals looking to upskill alongside the evolution of the healthcare industry. Get limitless access to hundreds of online courses with Unlimited.

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Healthcare is evolving faster than perhaps at any other point in the modern era.

A growing global population is placing pressure on resources, while higher life expectancy stretches our healthcare systems.

At the same time, technological and medical advances are altering the way we treat patients.

Unlimited – available for just £149 this February – gives you limitless access to a range of courses which can help you respond to the latest developments in healthcare as you learn in your own time, from world-leading healthcare experts.

Below are five of our top healthcare courses for professionals and enthusiasts looking to explore cutting-edge healthcare issues, and stay up-to-date in changing times ➡️

Dementia and the Arts with UCL

There is an increasing awareness of the beneficial role the arts can play in caring for people with dementia.

On this course, you’ll explore the relationship between the arts and science in relation to dementia. 

You’ll study the scientific landscape in which the value of cultural intervention in healthcare is being acknowledged.

You’ll consider the impact of language and arts-based communication strategies on dementia, ultimately coming to a broader understanding of the lived experience of people with dementias.

Join this course if: you want to understand how the arts can be used in healthcare. 

Antimicrobial Stewardship for Africa with the British Society for Antimicrobial Chemotherapy

Resistance to antibiotics is one of the greatest challenges facing modern healthcare.

This issue is nowhere more pressing than in Africa, where communicable diseases continue to be a leading cause of death.

On this course, you’ll explore the threat antimicrobial resistance poses to the continent, and how we can challenge it.

You’ll learn about antimicrobial misuse, and examine the strategies that African hospitals have employed to tackle this menace.

Join this course if: you want to learn how we can improve our use of antibiotics.

Improving Healthcare Through Clinical Research with the University of Leeds

Clinical research underpins every advance in healthcare.

On this course, you’ll learn the basics of how clinical research is conducted, its history, and its importance to scientific breakthroughs.

Discover how clinical research shapes healthcare, the challenges it faces, and future directions it could take.

Join this course if: you want to improve your approach to research.

Young People and Their Mental Health with the University of Groningen

One in five young people will suffer from some form of mental health issue during their teenage years.

This course has been specifically designed for teenagers, to help them identify and understand any mental health problems they might be suffering from.

You’ll learn what causes psychological problems, and how you – or your parents or teachers – can treat them.

Join this course if: you want to know more about teenage mental health. 

Clinical Supervision with Confidence with the University of East Anglia

Many post-registration doctors and healthcare professionals hold supervisory responsibility for pre-registration health professional students and postgraduate medical trainees.

On this course, you’ll examine what clinical supervision is, and how to improve as a supervisor.

You’ll learn how to give good feedback, and how to best help students experiencing any difficulties.

Join this course if: you want to learn how to be a great clinical supervisor. 

Healthcare is changing. Go Unlimited to learn how you can harness these changes to look after yourself and others better. Check out our full range of healthcare courses and start learning today.

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