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Microcredentials: go further, faster

Get acquainted with our brand-new online microcredentials, designed for you to build in-demand career skills and earn a professional credential in your field.

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In growing industries like computer science, healthcare, visual arts, and teaching, there has never been a greater demand for further professional learning. 

Professionals are increasingly turning to higher-education to fill gaps in their CV and expand their skill-base. With technological innovation moving more quickly than ever, employers are looking for staff with up-to-date training.

However, learners and workers are increasingly stretched for time, and the limited worldwide availability of physical universities means higher education is having to change.

This is where microcredentials come in.  As part of the growing movement towards microlearning, FutureLearn’s new professional credentials are custom-made to help you upskill in your industry or area of interest. 

 So what are microcredentials? And why should you take one?

Browse our Microcredentials

They’re accessible 

Each microcredential takes place 100% online. This means you can earn an accredited, professional credential without ever needing to set foot on campus. 

You can comment during your morning commute, watch a laptop lecture on your lunch break, and interact with educators and other learners as you go. 

Learning in your own time, at your own pace – it’s the flexible learning of the future.

If you’re already working and have limited time and resources,  competitively priced online learning offers you the opportunity to change your career on your own terms.

They’re fast

Many accredited courses can take years to complete. But if you’re looking to expand your skillset in your current job or boost your CV to apply for a new role, you don’t have time to wait. 

You can earn academic credits with a microcredential in a matter of weeks. You can even learn the essentials of a totally new profession – like project management – in just over two months. 

Plus, if you love it and want to carry on learning, the academic credit you earn can be used towards further higher education in the future.

They’re prestigious

Whether led by top academic institutions like The Open University, or blue-chip employers like Cisco Systems, microcredentials are built by industry experts. 

Organisations like the Royal Photographic Society have designed qualifications using the latest thinking and research.

You’ll have the opportunity to expand your understanding of your profession alongside industry leaders as you complete online practice-based exercises and tutor-marked assignments.

They’re specialised 

We’ve worked with our educational and professional partners to identify skills gaps in specific industries. 

That means each microcredential offers specialised training in an area we know will benefit learners in their chosen profession. 

Whether you’re a teacher looking to learn about classroom wellbeing or a photographer wanting to create a professional portfolio, microcredentials are designed to give you the career skills you need.

They’re global

Higher learning used to be limited to those who could access a university or afford the cost of a full degree.

Thanks to the internet, that’s all changed. Microcredentials are redefining what vocational education looks like.

Whether you’re in Melbourne or Mumbai, you can quickly and affordably earn professional accreditation whilst learning as part of a worldwide community.

It’s social, which is how we think learning works best.

If you’re ready to get serious about your career progression or master specialised skills in a fast-paced, growing area, an online microcredential can get you there. 

You’ll go further, faster. 

Browse all of our microcredentials and start your professional development journey today.


Browse our Microcredentials


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