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Social media tips and tricks

In this section we will provide you with some handy tips that will help you on various social media platforms.
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Depending on the social media platform that you think will best suit your business needs, take a look below at some of the tips, information and links on ways to manage your ad campaigns on each of the major platforms.
Facebook and Instagram
If you are going to use Facebook or Instagram for advertising, there are multiple ways of creating ads for these platforms. One of the best methods is to use is the ‘Facebook Power Editor’. This tool allows greater flexibility in reaching “look-a-like audiences” (similar people to those who like you page).
Facebook also provides the ability to drop a Pixel onto your website, or multiple pages of your website so that you may identify the type of audience that has visited your website, report on any conversions, and look to build further your look-a-like audience.
Tailwind is a useful Pinterest management tool. Tailwind will also manage Instagram for you. It has multiple analytic options and can schedule ads and provide statistics to analyse not only your performance but that of your competitors.
Tailwind has a free trial and a small ongoing monthly cost. However there are many other tools available and it is important to review these tools to select what’s right for your online business based how you intend to use Pinterest.
YouTube advertising is managed through Google. To create a campaign for YouTube, you will need to set up a Google AdWords account.
To advertise on LinkedIn, you first need to have a company page or showcase page. Once you have these set up in your LinkedIn account, create an account for campaigns using LinkedIn ‘Campaign Manager’. They have a few different types of advertising formats (text, display, sponsored).
Snapchat is one of the newer social media platforms, and it’s a great platform if you’re trying to reach 18 to 34-year-olds. There are multiple advertising options depending on what you’re trying to achieve by reaching out to your target audience. In 2016, Snapchat has developed a Snapchat Partners group that will work to connect Snapchat with advertisers to help with creativity and execution.
Social media platforms are continuously evolving, introducing new advertising formats and adjusting their costing methodologies. So it’s always worthwhile revisiting the functionality and availability of advertising and costs whenever you’re starting a new campaign.
Now that you know what social media tools you want to use to market your business, use this social media conversation calendar to start planning the social media conversations you will have with your target audience.

For more information specific to the social media platform on which you are interested in launching a campaign, take a look at the relevant links in the See Also section below. There are a lot of links here, and so you should only access those links that you believe you will use for your conversation calendar.
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