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Meet mentors, activists, entrepreneurs and leaders disrupting the status quo, and hear how they believe tech can help solve the critical issues of today – and tomorrow.

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Design an app, product, or service that harnesses the power of tech to pioneer a better future for our people and planet.

Join experts online to solve social challenges that matter to you

Technology is transforming how we learn, work, communicate, and relax at an amazing rate. The rate of change makes predicting tomorrow (let alone the future) pretty much impossible, and traditional education just can’t keep up.

That’s why Samsung Not a School was created.

Not a School is an alternative educational experience that puts you in the driver’s seat when it comes to building the future you want for you and your community.

Co-created with young leaders for young leaders, Not a School is designed for the next generation of innovators who are ready to make positive change happen in the world.

Work together to solve the challenges of tomorrow

This year, Not a School is taking place virtually through immersive online courses on FutureLearn. The four-part-programme of courses will empower you with tech know-how as well as the creativity, communication, critical thinking and collaboration skills you need to leverage technological advancements and build a brilliant future for yourself and your community.

The courses take the form of a series of unconventional workshops and debates with mentors, activists, entrepreneurs and leaders, from the world of social media, activism, journalism, music, filmmaking, and more.

You’ll be connected to a virtual community of peers and mentors who’ll inspire you to tackle the pressing social issues that matter most to you and your future.

Embrace technology and change the future

Once you join a course, you’ll become a Not a School ‘architech’, and get the chance to work on a technology-based solution idea to solve the issues covered on each course. As an architech, you’ll be invited to enter your idea into Samsung’s new tech for good competition launching in the UK for the first time later this year. Competition winners will receive help from experts at Samsung to help accelerate their idea and realise its potential.

Using FutureLearn’s innovative social learning platform and the expertise of some of the most inspiring industry experts around, you’ll learn how to better understand the needs of those around you, boost your creative and critical thinking abilities, and develop the problem-solving skills you need to thrive in a technology-driven future.

Join Samsung’s inspiring online courses for free on FutureLearn today and become a pioneer of a more inclusive, fair, and sustainable society for all.