Auckland University of Technology (AUT)

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Auckland University of Technology (AUT) is located in Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city and economic hub. AUT is a contemporary and connected study destination that aims to produce well-rounded, sought-after graduates. They have been a university since 2000 but a place of learning for 120 years and operate in accordance with the Education Act (1989). AUT has established itself as an institution of global standing and impact. AUT has three well positioned campuses in Auckland.

AUT’s Faculty of Business, Economics and Law (Faculty) has a deliberate focus on authentic practice-based learning environments. Engagement with business, the professions, and the broader community is a defining feature of the Faculty.  The Faculty focuses on providing programmes that will equip students with the skills, knowledge and values needed to negotiate careers in complex and changing work environments. Our programmes combine opportunities to develop deep discipline knowledge to develop skills such as agile thinking, collaboration and creativity and technological tools. International opportunities are an important part of our degrees, and students can design their degree with a global perspective in mind. The Business School’s accreditations, international memberships and affiliations reflect our active engagement with respective business schools and organisations worldwide.

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