Colin Lewis

Colin Lewis


Multi-award-winning international marketer, speaker, and consultant Colin Lewis has over 25 years of hands-on international experience. An adviser and active investor in eCommerce businesses, he ran his first eCommerce website in 2006, turning over £100m.

Colin provides advice to international blue-chip brands in FMCG, travel, tech, sports and eCommerce. He has worked with iconic brands such as 1181188 and Thomas Cook as well as eCommerce and tech start-ups.

As a coach, advisor, and educator he accumulates over 100 teaching hours a year in the UK, Ireland, Spain, and Dubai. Colin Lewis’ clients include Unilever, Philip Morris, Dyson, Samsung, Kingfisher (B+Q, Castorama), Britvic, TK Maxx, Growth Foundation, Bayer, Europcar, Facebook, Instacart/WARC, Experian, and SAP.

Colin has been a writer and columnist on MarketingWeek Magazine since 2015. Colin is the Author of the Best Practice in eCommerce report (54,000 word /160-page guide) and eMarketplaces Best Practice (48,000 word, 100-page guide).

Colin is the Founder and Programmer of DMX Dublin, the largest marketing conference in Ireland since 2013, he has an MBA and MSc in Marketing and is a Fellow of the Marketing Institute of Ireland.

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