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Emergency Planning College (EPC)

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About Emergency Planning College (EPC)

The Emergency Planning College - EPC is the UK’s national centre for resilience development services. Building resilience by providing assurance against adversity and by helping our customers to protect their businesses and their reputation.

EPC have been sharing our experiences, expertise and knowledge for almost 80 years, in the UK and overseas. Every year over 7,000 people trust us to help them prepare for a wide range of disruptive events.

We help organisations and individuals assess the risk of emergencies through planning to deal with them, developing the capability to deal with them effectively, responding to them and managing the recovery phase.

The EPC is owned by the UK Government and, as part of the Cabinet Office’s Civil Contingencies Secretariat, our work is endorsed and validated by the UK’s authority on resilience – a powerful assurance of quality that is guaranteed.

Emergency Planning College (EPC) Courses


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