Good-Loop is an ethical ad platform that helps brands bring purpose to the forefront of their marketing. Every engagement with one of Good-Loop’s ethical ad units is converted into charitable donations to support amazing global causes.

As the world’s first B Corp certified AdTech company, Good-Loop strives to make advertising a force for good, creating a shared endeavour between the brand and their consumers by giving them the chance to do good, for free, when the world needs it most.

The user is able to select which cause they want to support with their time and attention from the brands chosen charities, increasing the performance of the ad campaigns and producing more meaningful engagements with the content.

To date, Good-Loop has partnered with major international brands across the globe, such as Coca-Cola, Bose, and Tommy Hilfiger, to donate over £1million to charitable causes, all thanks to consumers giving their time.

Good-Loop was born out of a need to bridge the extensive gap between the vast sums of money spent every year on advertising and the small amount of money needed to support societies most vulnerable.

When brands look to use their voice for change and to promote purpose, Good-Loop’s ethical ad players provide the perfect way for brands to put their money where their mouth is and advertise sensitively.

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