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Ubiquity is different. We are built for people who understand that the current global paradigm is unsustainable. We believe that meeting systemic threats such as climate change depends on the creation of empowered individuals who are passionate about collaborative, local action. We also know we have much to relearn from the world’s wisdom traditions to not only transform ourselves and our understanding of the human condition, but to create a global cadre of caretakers that honor the Earth and all of its species.


Ubiquity believes in educating the whole person. We want you to discover your passion, unlock your potential and create positive change. That means activating your head in the pursuit of knowledge, your heart in the development of self-mastery, and your hands to make a real-world impact.


Ubiquity believes in taking stands. From sustainable development to social justice to peace-building, our students are aware of and engaged with global challenges. This is why we embrace the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We work together to solve the global problems that are threatening our planet.


Ubiquity continues to push against the status quo. We believe in academic freedom and in challenging the accepted ideas of how things should be done. We offer multiple modalities and types of content designed to unleash your personal passion and expose you to new ideas.


Ubiquity is committed to diversity and inclusion. We emphasize collaboration over competition. Our online learning platform attracts students and faculty from around the globe who work together to achieve their vision for a better world.

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