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The increasing supply of data and analytics within business has allowed organisations to optimise, scale, and gain intelligence about their customers. If you want to find answers that help your business reduce costs, improve efficiency, or develop optimised offerings, big data is an essential part of that process.

Dive into big data: introductions and advanced uses

Our big data courses include introductions that answer basic questions like ‘what is big data’ and ‘what are the opportunities within big data’. More advanced courses can also lead you through the business ethics of using big data as well as the best ways to visualise it for maximum impact.

You’ll learn about what differentiates big data from other types, and how to analyse it using the latest methods. Find out how the 3 Vs of big data - volume, velocity, and variety - impact analysis and the applications of this information.

Our courses include industry-specific overviews to show you the potential within your own industry or one that you’re planning to move to. Or you can choose a course based on the application or data source - that includes whether you want to use big data for predictive analysis or whether you’d like to use environmental data to enhance your business activities.

Business analytics courses

Business analytics typically involve a combination of business intelligence, data analytics, and computer programming to identify patterns that can be helpful for all areas of business strategy - from marketing through to product development. Understanding the basics of business analytics and how to process this information is a highly sought-after skill set and one that is invaluable for professionals at every stage of their career.

Stay at the forefront of the latest business insights

If you’d like to build your analytics skills and understanding of big data, this is a great place to start. A good basis in mathematics and statistics is helpful, as is a working knowledge of excel. If you need to brush up on these areas, we have courses to help. Once you have a solid foundation in this area, you may want to learn more about potential applications, how to drive strategic change once you have the right data for it, or even how to negotiate a pay rise based on your new skill set.

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