Europe’s future is connected to its power to innovate!

What is the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT)?

The EIT was created in 2008 to strengthen Europe’s ability to innovate. The EIT is a unique EU initiative, the only one to fully integrate business, education and research. The Institute supports the development of dynamic pan-European partnerships between leading universities, research labs and companies. These are called Innovation Communities and each focuses on a specific global challenge.

What challenges do the EIT’s Innovation Communities focus on?

The first six Innovation Communities work to mitigate and adapt to climate change EIT Climate-KIC, create sustainable sources of energy and increase its supply EIT InnoEnergy, accelerate the digital transformation EIT Digital, support healthier and longer living EIT Health, including the provision of sustainable and healthier food EIT Food, and manage our planet’s raw materials in an efficient, secure and sustainable way EIT Raw Materials. Together with their partners, they offer a wide range of innovation and entrepreneurship activities. This includes education courses that combine technical skills with entrepreneurial ones, business creation and acceleration services, run innovation driven research projects. A call for new Innovation Communities in the field of Urban Mobility and Manufacturing is ongoing.

What has the EIT Community achieved?

Some of the EIT Community’s achievements and impact so far:

We are the largest innovation community in Europe, with 40 innovation hubs across Europe that have brought together over 1,000 partners, with more than half from business, both large corporates and a very strong SME participation rate of 25%. With our support, 1250+ start-ups and scale-ups supported with 6,100 highly skilled jobs created. Venture capitalists have invested more than EUR 890 million in companies supported by EIT Community accelerators. By doing so, they have expressed strong confidence in the entrepreneurial activities of the EIT Community. 670 innovative products and services have been brought to market. Over 1 700 students graduating from EIT label entrepreneurial education programmes. More information on EIT success stories here…

The EIT – Making Innovation Happen!