Woodwell Climate Research Center


Woodwell Climate Research Center is dedicated to climate science pursued in partnership with stakeholders and decision makers to produce maximum societal benefit. Their renowned researchers investigate how human activities are affecting the flow of carbon and water—key climate factors—through the world’s most critical ecosystems, from the Arctic to the tropics. Together with their global network of partners, they generate breakthrough insights into the risks we face, and the just, effective solutions we can develop. Woodwell scientists are experts in combining field data with large-scale satellite monitoring and computer modeling, producing takeaways that scale from local to global. Working with partners, stakeholders, and government officials in more than 20 countries across six continents, they engage throughout the research process to create real-world impact through policy briefs, risk assessments, expert testimony, and more. Pursuing knowledge and communicating their findings to the public and the policy community, Woodwell Climate has developed a decades-long legacy of leadership and outsized impact in climate science, policy, and education. They are pleased to offer courses through FutureLearn to empower you to be part of climate science for change.